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5 letter words starting with CAU in English

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Here is the dictionary-style entry for "cauri": cauri
  1. Parts of Speech: noun
  2. Definition: a type of small marine snail found in the Caribbean and used as a decorative item or in jewelry making
  3. Pronunciations: US: /ˈkɔːri/, UK: /ˈkɔːri/
  4. Origin and Usage: The word "cauri" comes from the French word "cauris," which means "cowries." Cowries are a type of seashell that were once used as currency in some parts of the world. Cauris were used as currency in West Africa until the 20th century. Today, cauris are often used in jewelry making or as decorative items. They are also sometimes used in divination practices in some African cultures.
  5. Synonyms: cowrie, snail shell, seashell
  6. Related Words: coral, curry, auric, carol, clair
  7. Example Sentences:
    • She wore a necklace made of cauris and other seashells.
    • The market was full of vendors selling cauris and other shells.
    • In some African cultures, cauris are used in divination practices.
Parts of Speech

Caulk is a verb and a noun.


As a verb, caulk means to fill a crack or gap with a waterproof material to make it airtight or watertight. As a noun, caulk refers to the material used for sealing cracks or gaps.


US: /kɔk/

UK: /kɔːk/

Origin and Usage

The word caulk originated from the Old English word "cealcian," which means "to chalk." The word evolved to mean "to fill gaps with chalk" and later evolved to mean "to fill gaps with a waterproof material." Caulking has been used for centuries to seal ships, buildings, and other structures from water or air leaks.


Seal, fill, plug, stopper, close, block

Related Words

Seals, leaks, cracks, gaps, stops

Example Sentences

As a verb:

  • The plumber will caulk the bathtub to prevent water from leaking onto the floor.
  • She caulked the windows to keep the cold air out of her house.

As a noun:

  • The caulk around the window had cracked and needed to be replaced.
  • He bought a tube of caulk at the hardware store to fill the gaps in his bathroom tiles.