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5 letter words starting with CEA in English

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Here is the requested information on the word "cease": 1. **Parts of Speech:** Verb 2. **Definition:** To stop doing something; to come to an end. (source: [Cambridge Dictionary](https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/cease)) 3. **Pronunciations:** - US: /sis/ - UK: /siːs/ 4. **Origin and Usage:** The word "cease" comes from the Old French word "cesser," meaning "to stop." It has been used in English since the 14th century. "Cease" is often used in legal language to indicate the end of a contract or agreement. It is also commonly used in everyday language to indicate the stopping of an action or behavior. 5. **Synonyms:** stop, halt, end, discontinue, terminate (source: [Thesaurus.com](https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/cease)) 6. **Related Words:** peace, lease, tease, cease, obese (source: [WordFinder](https://www.wordfinder.com/related-words/5-letter-words/)) 7. **Example Sentences:** - The company will cease operations at the end of the month. - The rain finally ceased after three days. - The teacher told the students to cease talking and pay attention to the lesson. - The two countries agreed to cease hostilities and begin peace talks. - She decided to cease her unhealthy habits and start exercising regularly.