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5 letter words starting with COO in English

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Here is the result in HTML text formatting: cooky

Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: A small, sweet, baked food typically containing flour, sugar, and eggs.

Pronunciations: US: /ˈkʊki/; UK: /ˈkʊki/

Origin and Usage: The word "cooky" is believed to have originated in the United States in the early 18th century as a variant of the word "cookie." It is commonly used in American English to refer to a small, sweet, baked food, often eaten as a snack or dessert.

Synonyms: Biscuit, cracker, wafer, sweet, dessert

Related Words: Baker, biscuit, crumb, dough, flour

Example Sentences:

  • She baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies for her friends.
  • He loves to dunk his cookies in milk.
  • The bakery sells a variety of cookies, including oatmeal raisin and peanut butter.
  • She offered her guests a plate of homemade cookies as a snack.
Word: cools

Part of Speech: verb

Definition: To make or become less warm or hot.

Pronunciation (US): /kuz/

Pronunciation (UK): /ku:ls/

Origin and Usage: The word "cools" is derived from the Old English word "colian" which means to make cool. It is commonly used to describe the process of reducing temperature or making something less hot. The word can also be used figuratively to describe the process of calming down or reducing excitement.

Synonyms: chill, freeze, refrigerate, cool down, calm down, soothe, compose, quiet, settle down

Related Words: chill, frost, icy, calm, peace

Example Sentences:

  1. He cools his drink with ice cubes.
  2. The breeze cools the hot summer air.
  3. She cools down after her workout by stretching.
  4. The situation gradually cools down after the initial excitement.
Here is the requested information: Parts of Speech

Cooks is a noun and a verb.


As a noun, cooks refers to people who prepare food professionally or as a hobby. As a verb, it means to prepare food by combining ingredients in a certain way and applying heat.


US: /kʊks/

UK: /kʊks/

Origin and Usage

The word cooks originated from the Old English word "coc" which means "cook, kitchen servant." It has been used in English since the 14th century. Cooks are an essential part of any food service industry, including restaurants, catering, and hotels. The verb form of cooks is often used in recipes and cooking instructions.


As a noun: chef, cookery, cookout, cookhouse, cookshop.

As a verb: prepare, make, bake, roast, fry.

Related Words

As a noun: baker, chef, sauce, spice, stove.

As a verb: blend, grill, saute, simmer, stir.

Example Sentences

As a noun: The cooks at the restaurant prepare delicious meals every day. (source: personal knowledge)

As a verb: She cooks dinner for her family every night. (source: [Merriam-Webster](https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/cook))

Heres the dictionary-style entry for "cooed": cooed

Parts of Speech: verb

Definition: spoke softly and lovingly

Pronunciations: (US) /kood/, (UK) /kuːd/

Origin and Usage: The word "cooed" is the past tense and past participle of the verb "coo." It originated in the early 16th century and is derived from the Middle English word "cu." The word is commonly used to describe the sound made by doves and pigeons, and is also used to describe the soft, loving sounds made by humans, especially when talking to babies or expressing affection.

Synonyms: murmured, whispered, spoke softly, talked lovingly

Related Words: cooer, cooee, coude, coues, coved

Example Sentences:

  • She cooed softly to the baby, rocking him gently in her arms.
  • The doves cooed softly in the trees, their soothing sounds filling the air.
  • He cooed lovingly in her ear, telling her how much he cared for her.