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Heres the information you requested on "irade": 1. Parts of Speech: Noun 2. Definition: A decree or edict issued by a ruler or government. 3. Pronunciations: US: i-RADE, UK: i-RAHD 4. Origin and Usage: The word "irade" is of Turkish origin and was used during the Ottoman Empire to refer to an official order or decree issued by a sultan or other high-ranking official. Today, it is still used in some parts of the world to refer to official government decrees or edicts. 5. Synonyms: Decree, Edict, Proclamation, Mandate, Order 6. Related Words: Aider, Aired, Drier, Rared, Rider 7. Example Sentences: - The irade issued by the government mandated that all businesses close by 8pm. - The sultans irade granted amnesty to all political prisoners. - The companys CEO issued an irade stating that all employees must attend the upcoming conference.
Irate Parts of Speech

Irate is an adjective.

  • Feeling or characterized by great anger; enraged (source: Lexico)
  • US: /ˈaɪreɪt/
  • UK: /ʌɪˈreɪt/
Origin and Usage

Irate comes from the Latin word "iratus," meaning "angry." It has been used in English since the mid-19th century. Irate is commonly used to describe someone who is extremely angry or furious.

  • Angry
  • Enraged
  • Furious
  • Incensed
  • Mad
Related Words
  • Angry
  • Madly
  • Fury
  • Riled
  • Upset
Example Sentences
  1. The customer was irate when he found out his order was incorrect.
  2. She became irate when she saw the damage to her car.
  3. He was irate with his boss for not giving him a raise.