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5 letter words starting with LOU in English

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Sure! Louse

Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: A small, wingless, parasitic insect that lives on the skin of mammals and birds, including humans. It feeds on blood and can cause irritation and disease.

Pronunciation (US): /laʊs/

Pronunciation (UK): /laʊz/

Origin and Usage: The word "louse" originated from the Old English word "lus". It has been used to describe parasitic insects since the 14th century. Lice infestations have been a problem for humans throughout history, and lice were often associated with poor hygiene and poverty.

Synonyms: Nit, Parasite, Vermin

Related Words: Fleas, Mites, Ticks, Bugs, Gnats

Example Sentences:

  • She found a louse in her hair and had to use a special shampoo to get rid of it.
  • The school had to send a notice home to parents about a lice outbreak.
  • Lice and other parasites can spread disease and cause serious health problems.
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  • A male given name of French origin.
  • A former French gold coin.
  • US: /ˈluːi/
  • UK: /ˈluːi/
Origin and Usage

The name Louis comes from the French name Louis, which is derived from the Old High German name Ludwig, meaning "famous warrior." It has been a popular name in France and other French-speaking countries for centuries, and has also been used in other parts of the world. The name has been borne by several kings of France, as well as other notable figures throughout history.

The Louis was also a gold coin used in France from 1640 to 1792. It was named after King Louis XIII and was later replaced by the franc.


No synonyms found.

Related Words
  • Louie
  • Louse
Example Sentences
  • Louis Armstrong was a famous jazz musician.
  • King Louis XIV of France was known as the "Sun King."
  • The Louis was a valuable coin in its time.