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5 letter words starting with MEA in English

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Parts of Speech

Means is a verb and a noun.

  • As a verb, means means to accomplish or achieve something, or to have the ability or resources to do so.
  • As a noun, means refers to a method or way of doing something, or the resources or materials used to achieve a goal.
  • US: /minz/
  • UK: /miːnz/
Origin and Usage

The word means comes from the Old English word "mǣnan," which means to mean, signify, or intend. The word has been used in English since the 14th century.

As a verb, means is commonly used to express the ability or resources someone has to accomplish something. For example, "She means to finish the project by Friday" means she has the intention, ability, and resources to complete the project by Friday. As a noun, means is often used to describe a method or way of doing something. For example, "The best means of transportation in this city is the subway" means the subway is the best method of transportation in the city.

  • As a verb: accomplish, achieve, carry out, execute, perform
  • As a noun: method, way, approach, technique, strategy
Related Words
  • meant
  • meany
  • meats
  • meany
  • meads
Example Sentences
  • As a verb:
    • "He means to study abroad next year."
    • "The company means to expand its business in Europe."
    • "I don think he means to hurt your feelings."
  • As a noun:
    Heres the result: meane 1. Parts of Speech

    Noun, Verb

    2. Definitions
    1. a lowly or despicable person (noun)
    2. to have as a meaning or intention (verb)
    3. to be destitute of honor or integrity (verb)
    3. Pronunciations

    US: /miːn/

    UK: /miːn/

    4. Origin and Usage

    The word "meane" originated from Middle English "mēne", which means "common, middle-class". It is commonly used in literature to describe a character who is lowly or despicable.

    5. Synonyms
    • scoundrel
    • rascal
    • knave
    • cad
    6. Related Words
    • amend
    • manes
    • names
    • means
    • named
    7. Example Sentences
    • He was a meane and selfish man who cared only about himself.
    • The word "love" can mean different things to different people.
    • He meane to cheat his way to the top, but he was caught and punished.

    Parts of Speech: Noun

    Definitions: 1. any of the regular occasions in a day when a reasonably large amount of food is eaten, such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 2. the food eaten on such an occasion.

    Pronunciations: US: /milz/; UK: /miːlz/

    Origin and Usage: The word "meals" originated from the Middle English word "mele," meaning a portion of food. It has been in use since the 14th century and is commonly used in modern English to refer to regular occasions of eating food.

    Synonyms: repast, feast, banquet, spread, board, chow, grub, nourishment, sustenance, refreshment.

    Related Words: feast, lunch, dinner, snack, bread.

    Example Sentences:

    • They sat down to a delicious meal of roast chicken and vegetables.
    • She skipped her morning meal and was feeling hungry by midday.
    • He always enjoyed meals with his family, as it was a time for them to catch up on each others lives.
    • They ordered a three-course meal at the restaurant, starting with a salad, followed by steak and potatoes, and finishing with a dessert.
    • She prepared a simple meal of pasta and sauce for her friends who were coming over for dinner.