5 letter words starting with NAT

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5 letter words starting with NAT in English

5 letter words starting with NATA

5 letter words starting with NATE

5 letter words starting with NATT

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Parts of Speech:

Natal is an adjective.


1. relating to or accompanying birth; 2. of or in the region of Natal, a province of eastern South Africa.

  • US: /ˈneɪtəl/
  • UK: /ˈneɪt(ə)l/
Origin and Usage:

The word natal comes from the Latin word "natalis," which means "of or pertaining to birth." It has been used in English since the early 17th century to describe anything related to birth or the region of Natal in South Africa.


birth, childbirth, nativity, natalic, native, indigenous, autochthonous, endemic, local, regional

Related Words:

birth, child, mother, woman, family

Example Sentences:
  • The natal day of the companys founder is celebrated every year with a big party.
  • The natal province of South Africa is known for its beautiful beaches and wildlife reserves.
  • The baby was delivered by a natal nurse who specialized in home births.
Parts of Speech:



1. The buttocks.

2. The back of the body below the waist.


US: /ˈneɪts/

UK: /ˈneɪtiːz/

Origin and Usage:

The word "nates" is derived from the Latin word "natis" meaning "buttocks". It is a formal or medical term used to refer to the buttocks or the back of the body below the waist. It is not commonly used in everyday speech.


Buttocks, posterior, derrière, backside, behind, bum

Related Words:

Bummed, bumpy, bunny, bison, bazar

Example Sentences:

1. The doctor examined the patients nates for any signs of injury or inflammation.

2. She slipped on the wet floor and landed hard on her nates.

3. The babys nates were covered in diaper rash.

4. The artist painted a portrait of a womans nates.

5. He felt a sharp pain in his nates after running for several miles.


Part of speech: Adjective

Definition: (1) Smart and fashionable in appearance. (2) Neatly and cleverly made or done.

Pronunciations: (US: /ˈnæti/, UK: /ˈnæti/)

Origin and Usage: The word "natty" originated from the early 18th century, from the word "nat" which means "a dandy". It is commonly used to describe someone who is well-dressed and stylish. It can also describe something that is cleverly made or done.

Synonyms: stylish, fashionable, smart, dapper, debonair, chic, elegant, neat, trim, spruce, snappy, sharp, spiffy, well-groomed

Related Words: neat, tatty, batty, fatty, matta

Example Sentences:

  • The gentleman was dressed in a natty suit and tie.
  • She always had a natty way of putting things together.
  • Their apartment was decorated with natty furniture and accessories.
  • He was known for his natty appearance and impeccable style.