5 letter words starting with OI

5 letter words starting with OI in English

5 letter words starting with OIL

Common 5 letter words starting with OI with meaning

Word: oiled 1. Parts of Speech

adjective, verb

2. Definitions

Adjective: covered or treated with oil.

Verb: apply oil to or lubricate (something).

3. Pronunciations

US: /ɔɪld/

UK: /ɔɪld/

4. Origin and Usage

The word "oiled" is derived from the verb "oil," which comes from the Old English word "oljan." The adjective "oiled" is often used to describe machinery or other mechanical objects that have been lubricated with oil to make them run smoothly. The verb "oiled" is used to describe the process of applying oil to something to make it run smoothly or to protect it from rust and other types of corrosion.

5. Synonyms

Adjective: lubricated, greased, slicked, anointed

Verb: lubricate, grease, slick, anoint

6. Related Words

oiler, oldie

7. Example Sentences
  • The oiled machinery ran smoothly and quietly.
  • The mechanic oiled the engine to make it run more efficiently.
  • The hinges on the door were oiled to stop them from squeaking.
  • She oiled her hair to keep it shiny and healthy.
Here is the requested information about the word "oiler": 1. Parts of Speech: Noun 2. Definitions: - A ship or a person responsible for supplying oil to machinery or engines. - A device used to apply oil to a machine or a mechanism. 3. Pronunciations: - US: /ˈɔɪlər/ (OY-luhr) - UK: /ˈɔɪlə(r)/ (OY-luh) 4. Origin and Usage: The word "oiler" originated from the word "oil" in the late 19th century. It is commonly used in the shipping industry to refer to a ship that carries and supplies oil to other ships or machinery. It is also used to refer to a person who works on such a ship or is responsible for supplying oil to machinery or engines. 5. Synonyms: oil tanker, oil carrier, oil supply ship, oil supply vessel 6. Related Words: oiler, oilse, oiled, oiler, olein 7. Example Sentences: - The oiler was responsible for supplying oil to the engines of the ship. - The ships oiler was a vital part of the crew, ensuring that the engines were always well-lubricated. - The mechanic used an oiler to apply oil to the gears of the machine. - The oiler was able to supply enough oil to keep the machinery running smoothly.