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Part of Speech: Noun, verb


  • As a noun, a long, flat, rectangular piece of timber or other material, used in construction or as a support.
  • As a verb, to lay or set (something) down like a plank.


  • US: /plæŋk/
  • UK: /plank/

Origin and Usage: The word "plank" originated from the Old English word "planc," which means a board. It has been used since the 13th century. Planks are commonly used in construction, particularly in flooring and roofing. The verb "plank" is often used in the context of laying down a plank as part of a construction project or as a form of exercise.

Synonyms: Board, slat, timber, beam, joist, panel

Related Words: Bench, floor, table, stool, shelf

Example Sentences:

  • The carpenter used a plank to build the floor of the house.
  • She planked the board down on the ground and began measuring it.
  • The athlete held a plank position for three minutes during her workout.
Here is the requested information on "plugs": Parts of Speech

Plugs is a noun and a verb.


As a noun, plugs refer to a piece of solid material, typically cylindrical, that is used to fill a hole, gap, or cavity. As a verb, plugs mean to fill or stop up with a plug or other object.


US: /plʌɡz/

UK: /plʌɡz/

Origin and Usage

The word "plugs" originated in the 17th century and is derived from the Dutch word "plugge" which means "bung" or "stopper". It is commonly used in the context of electrical outlets, where a plug is inserted into an outlet to provide power to a device. It is also used in the context of filling gaps or holes, such as plugging a leak in a boat or plugging a hole in a wall.


For the noun form of plugs, synonyms include stopper, cork, bung, cap, and seal. For the verb form of plugs, synonyms include fill, stop up, block, and seal.

Related Words

Related 5 letter words include: bungs, clogs, flogs, glugs, plugs, slugs, and smugs.

Example Sentences
  • He inserted the plug into the electrical outlet to turn on the lamp.
  • She used a plug to fill the hole in the wall.
  • The plumber plugged the leak in the pipe with a piece of rubber.
  • The company plugged its new product on social media.
Definition of "plotz"

Parts of Speech: Verb

Definition: To collapse or faint, typically due to extreme emotional or physical stress.

Pronunciation (US): pläts

Pronunciation (UK): plɒts

Origin and Usage: The word "plotz" is derived from Yiddish, which is a language spoken by Ashkenazi Jews. It first appeared in English language in the early 20th century and has since been used mainly in informal contexts.

Synonyms: Collapse, faint, swoon, pass out, keel over.

Related Words: Blots, clots, flots, glitz, klutz.

Example Sentences:

  • After running a marathon, he was so exhausted that he nearly plotzed.
  • She was so surprised by the news that she plotzed right there on the spot.
  • The heat was so intense that several people plotzed during the outdoor concert.
Dictionary Entry: Plink 1. Parts of Speech:


2. Definitions:
  1. To make a short, sharp, metallic sound, like that of a small object striking a hard surface.
  2. To play a stringed instrument, such as a guitar, in a casual and unskilled manner.
3. Pronunciations:

US: /plɪŋk/

UK: /plɪŋk/

4. Origin and Usage:

The origin of the word "plink" is uncertain, but it is believed to be an onomatopoeic word that imitates the sound of a small object hitting a hard surface. The word is often used to describe the sound of a dropped coin or the sound of a bullet hitting a metal target. The word is also used to describe playing a stringed instrument in a casual and unskilled manner.

5. Synonyms:
  • Clang
  • Chink
  • Tinkle
  • Jingle
6. Related Words:
  • Blink
  • Plank
  • Drink
  • Slink
  • Think
7. Example Sentences:
  1. He heard the plink of the coin as it hit the pavement.
  2. She plinked away on her guitar, trying to learn a new song.
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  1. (US, Military) A first-year student at a military academy or college.
  2. (US, Informal) A newcomer or novice.
  • US: /pliːb/
  • UK: /plɛb/
Origin and Usage

The word "plebe" is derived from the Latin word "plebs" meaning "the common people." In the US, it is commonly used to refer to a first-year student at a military academy or college. It is also used informally to refer to a newcomer or novice.

  • first-year student
  • rookie
  • freshman
Related Words
  • plead
  • pleat
  • plena
  • plebs
Example Sentences
  1. The plebe was up early for his first day of training.
  2. The new employee was referred to as a plebe until he learned the ropes.