5 letter words starting with WHIF

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5 letter words starting with WHIF in English

5 letter words starting with WHIFF

Common 5 letter words starting with WHIF with meaning

Heres the dictionary-style entry for "whiff": whiff

Part of Speech: noun, verb


  • (n.) a slight gust or puff of air; a faint, fleeting odor; a trace or hint of something; (baseball) a swing and a miss; (informal) a failure or mistake
  • (v.) to emit a puff or gust of air; to inhale a scent or odor briefly; to miss hitting a ball in baseball; (informal) to fail or make a mistake


  • US: /wɪf/
  • UK: /wɪf/

Origin and Usage:

The word "whiff" originated in the 16th century, possibly from the Middle Dutch word "weven" meaning to blow. It has been used as both a noun and a verb throughout its history, with its meanings evolving over time. Today, "whiff" is commonly used to refer to a slight gust of air or a faint odor, as well as a missed swing in baseball or a failure or mistake in general.


  • (n.) puff, gust, scent, odor, trace, hint, miss, failure
  • (v.) blow, exhale, inhale, miss, fail

Related Words:

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Example Sentences:

  • He caught a whiff of the delicious pie baking in the oven.
  • The pitcher threw a fastball, but the batter took a whiff.
  • She had a whiff of nostalgia when she smelled her grandmothers perfume.
  • The companys latest product was a complete whiff, failing to generate any interest from consumers.